I am the undying enigma  which remains irresolvable, The more you know The more mystified I get, You endeavour to find,  the pieces of my puzzle  And you acquire all of them, Yet  you  go  back because you cant solve them. Things about my smiling face puzzling eyes you cant figure it out,   I converse […]

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Even when your torment couldnā€™t be worse and your pain is unsustainable, Even when your fire is extinguished and your gleam is mislaid, In the times of lonesome nights and darkest days, Find a ray and you will get a beam shining around you, To cure your wound and feel content, To glorify them and […]

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Gender roles are janky

Oh! The era of 1940ā€™s you forgot to get your draconian opinions and gender roles in our century! There were times  when men and women lived in an equal society. No offence but I would rather wish to go back to the stone age where humans had more humanity, had  wider perceptions and gender role […]

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To our heroes

  To the knight of our shining armour, Who is Shielding  us from every harmer. Their festivals are celebrated with colours of blood, In order for us to treasure joys of  freedom. As brave as a lion, never afraid to die, Their aim is to see the tricolour  furling high. Fighting from freezing winter to […]

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What makes you beautiful

So what is your idea of a beautiful person? A girl with perfect body, with perfect eyeliner with her eyebrows on fleek and perfect clothes?or a guy with amazing body, with six pack abs with enormous height, with handsome face and a  perfect jawline?  Is that a perfect person you idealise or a perfect body? […]

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I want

I want to hold your hand and walk on the never ending roads, I want to get lost in your enigmatic eyes and connect our souls, I want to go beyond limits and break boundries of love, I want to show how fairy tale prevails in this dating world, I want to show the world […]

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Happy monsoon

gravitating raindrops to the ground, heals my every inner wound, Rains craving beloved for the meets, In amorous weather to peck their lips, Indulging in the music of rains, Tranquil solitude is where it drains, Sobbing in rain is all worthless, Trippin in rain is real jouissance, nature’s prequisite is to be embraced, life is […]

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Stop Body-Shaming

We are gifted with an amazing body which works hard for us and instead of admiring and being thankful we disgrace it. Why do we have to be so much obsessed by others or our own body? Why do we lable people as a ‘fat slobe’ or a ‘skinny bitch’. Body shaming is becoming societal […]

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Girls before guys

Friends are those spieces whom we don’t share even a drop of blood but they acquire the most important spot in our life. They are the once who trust us more than we do and lift your feet up when your wings are broke. They are an access to ultimate craziness, sarcasm and laughter. Friends […]

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